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The ACL Special Interest Group on Uralic Languages

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NameAffiliation Country Research interestsLanguages More...
Tyers, Francis M. UiT Norgga árktalaš universitehta Norway machine translation, morphological analysis, dependency grammar, treebanks, constraint grammar Finnish, Sámi languages, Udmurt, Estonian, Nenets Francis' homepage
Pirinen, Tommi A Universität Hamburg Germany Morphology, MT, software engineering, complexity, finite states, universals Finnish, Karelian, ... Tommi's hompage
Unhammer, Kevin Brubeck N/AN/A MT, proofing tools, morphology, infrastructure, … sme,sma,smj,smn,fin,… Kevin's homepage
Trosterud, Trond UiTNorway Morphology, morphophonology Saami, Finnish, Mari, Komi
Schön, Zsófia LMU Munich, Institute for Finno-Ugric Studies Language Documentation, Lexicography, Dialectology Khanty
Koskenniemi, Kimmo University of HelsinkiFinland morphological analysis, historical linguistics, sound correspondences Finnish, Saami, Estonian, etc. Kimmo's Publications
Rueter, Jack University of HelsinkiFinland Morphology, syntax, machine translation Erzya, Moksha, Komi Zyrian, Võro, Livonian, Nenets, Olonets Karelian, Skolt Sami, Hill Mari, Udmurt, Ingrian, Finnish, Hungarian, Northern Sami, Inari Sami, Estonian Jack's homepage
Kylmälä, Joonas University of Eastern FinlandFinland Machine Translation Finnish, Karelian, Estonian
Jantunen, Jarmo University of Jyväskylä Corpus compiling, annotation, error annotation, phraseology, learner language, Finnish as a second and foreign language Finnish, Estonian homepage
Gerstenberger, Ciprian-Virgil University of Tromsø, Norway general linguistics, NLG, Saami languages, computational linguistics, Romanian, clitics, weak pronouns, corpus, lexicon Saami, Komi, etc. homepage
Grönroos, Stig-Arne Aalto University, Finland statistical machine translation, morphology, machine learning, natural language processing Finnish, North Sámi homepage
Kankainen, Kristian MTÜ Keeleleek votic morphology automata, free software, design patterns all finnic languages, especially votic, estonian and finnish,
Hammarström, Harald MPI Nijmegen
Grimes, Stephen NLP, computational phonology Hungarian homepage
Ivaska, Ilmari University of Washington second language acquisition, learner corpora, construction grammar, data-drivenness, usage-based model Finnish
Rießler, Michael Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg language documentation, language technology, spoken language corpora Permic languages, Saamic languages, Samoyedic languages homepage
Kaalep Heiki-Jaan University of Tartu morphology, corpus linguistics Estonian, Finnish homepage
Jeremy Bradley Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Mari, Estonian, Finnish, Udmurt homepage
Koczka, Péter Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungarian, Udmurt, Finnish
Muischnek, Kadri University of Tartu syntax, parsing, corpora estonian, finnish
Arkhangelskiy Timofey National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow morphology, language documentation, corpus linguistics Udmurt homepage
Makrai Márton Hungarian Academy of Sciences word embeddings for translation, semantics hun homepage
Kornai András Hungarian Academy of Sciences mathematical linguistics Hungarian homepage
Eszter, Simon Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences historical corpora, corpus building, named entity recognition Hungarian
Vincze Veronika University of Szeged natural language processing, syntax, morphology, corpus building Hungarian homepage
Takács Dávid RIL HAS, Budapest machine translation, c. lexicology/lexicography, morphological analysis Nenets, Saami, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian
Dellert, Johannes Universität Tübingen computational historical linguistics, phylogeny, contact models, causal inference all (to some degree) homepage
Fenyvesi Anna University of Szeged sociolinguistics, language contact, bilingualism Hungarian, Mansi, Udmurt homepage
Ács Judit Budapest University of Technology and Economics diacritic restoration, dictionary building homepage
Mus Nikolett Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Department of Finno-Ugric and Historical Linguistics the syntax of interrogatives, nonverbal predicates, copula constructions (Tundra) Nenets, Northern Samoyedic languages, Ob-Ugric languages, Saami
Toldova Svetlana National Research University "Higher School of Economics" associate professor Corpora on Under-resoursed Finno-Ugric languages, pos-tagging Mordvin, Komi, Udmurt (Besermyan), Mari, Khanty
Moshagen, Sjur Nørstebø UiT Norgga árktalaš universitehta Project manager, head of the Divvun group Morphological analysis, NLP, proofing tools esp. spellers, evaluation, infrastructure, MT, general linguistics Sámi languages, Finnic languages, all Divvun group homepage
Fedina, Marina Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration Corpora, dictionaries, morphology, proofing tools Komi, all FU-Lab homepage
Hulden, Mans University of Colorado at Boulder Assistant professor Morphological analysis Finnish


Tommi A. Pirinen, Hamburg Universität, Germany
Vice president:
Veronika Vincze, Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Hungary
Francis M. Tyers, UiT Norgga árktalaš universitehta, Norway
Michael Rießler, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
Community liaison:
Trond Trosterud, UiT Norgga árktalaš universitehta, Norway



We run an internet relay chat (IRC) channel on #acl-sigur on (Webchat on freenode).


We maintain a list of mainly freely available and open source resources for Uralic languages. Please help us keep the list updated.

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